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Saturday, January 21st, 2012 06:53 pm
So, maybe I oughta start using this thing more. I imported all my entries and kept all my pals...all my pals that moved over, anyway, so really, there isn't actually any reason to let this thing languish. I mean, besides the fact that between Plurk and tumblr, I've completely forgotten how to write in anything but tiny little blurbs whenever a coherent thought pops into my head. Regardless of how interesting it is.

But I will update regardless.

So, IRL, there is actually not a whole lot going on. The Library is currently under a pretty heavy remodel and every night I come out of there feeling like I've morphed into Pigpen. The amount of dust is unreal, and it settles on everything. We will never get rid of it. It has consumed the entire children's fiction section, and we will soon need to stock archeologist brushes for patron convenience.

Other then that I have exactly nothing going on. I've been attempting to apply for college, which I'm sort of terrified of and excited for at the same time. I'm hoping to go into their creative writing program, because I like to pretend I'm good at writing, good at taking criticism, and I also really hate money and want to avoid making it as much as possible. That isn't happening until the fall however, and I can't even begin to impress upon you how utterly, horrifically, ridiculously stinking BORED I am. Shit is unreal.

Which probably means I'll have more desire for RP. Except that the only thing that's actually recharged my RP drive is a quick little thread made of melodrama I put up in the Last Words meme for a kid's cartoon show that a grand total of one other person RPs from. So I'm going to guess I run on sadness and fandom obsessiveness. GO FIG.

Ah, I forgot how I was going to end this. I guess...How's tricks, everyone?
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Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 11:24 pm
The thing about a microblog like Plurk or Twitter is that they make posting whatever inane stupid nonsense that pops into my head into the kind of casual affair that Livejournal just can't match.

Which i guess is my roundabout way of saying I know I haven't been around all that much. And also that I'm sorry about it. I've been preoccupied by things.

One of those things is work, where I am totally getting trained on the desk. Friggin' FINALLY, I've been there, what, four years? Thank goodness I'm also getting a raise! That takes the sting out of the wait, if just a bit. I still dunno if I want another job though, but I might as well stick this one out.

And also school things are happening! Namely two lit classes (Shakespeare and American to the Civil War), one math class, and one aerobics class are happening. I am pretty much psyched for all of this except I haven't read anything more complex then a tag in an age and a half. It's difficult going from Homestuck to the Bard, and let's just leave it at that.

Game things are also in play, although really, it's more video then roleplaying nowadays (my current Thing about roleplaying is a whole 'nother entry in-and-of itself, so I'll leave it for now). Dragon Age in particular has me...ensnared, I think is the word. I've eaten this lore for breakfast, and flossed my teeth with it's characters. The fate of Ferelden is my plaything, I am the Warden, and I make the rules.

No, seriously. Every single important thing that's happened since the first fight has been my character's decision. I know, I know, Player has to do everything or it's not fun but jeeze, nothing ever gets decided around here without some wandering elven schmuck sticking his skinny nose in everything. I like it. I'm the arbiter of everything, speaking through a sheltered sad-sack of a homeless elf bum.

I think that must say a lot about me. All I know is that I really want someone to geek out about this series with, like I can not even express.

Err, I have nothing else to say right now, which is good, because I should really get to bed.
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Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 10:37 am
Well, Finals are over, cards are mailed, sleep is (mostly) caught up on, and I'm trying to figure out what my Christmas break should be taken up with. Probably something inconsequential and lazy, like video games, although I'd love to do some non-roleplay based writing. Which I tried at with NaNoWriMo and got overwhelmed with schooling at the same time.

And I have to clean up my room and think about what I'm going to once I'm out of community college. Thaaaaat last one, though, can wait. I'm going to milk my free time for all it's worth this year.

I kind of forget where I was going with this. Oh well.

ETA: OH! I almost forgot! I got your card, [ profile] sideburnpower! It was absolutely lovely, thank you.
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Saturday, November 27th, 2010 02:38 pm
Oh ow ow ow the only thing I HATE about this time of year is that my skin takes on the texture of a brillow pad in a cactus patch with the same amount of moisture in it and feels about as nice. Some of you might now some good moisturizing body-washes? I would really appreciate some names named.

But some nice stuff happened! I got into [ profile] queenofheartsrp, found a CD case I lost about two years ago (With Forbidden Broadway Strikes Back AHHHH I thought that was gone forever!), and, got to procrastinate on my chemistry homework AND have enough cash to buy Sam and Max Season 3!

Thanksgiving was nice but uneventful, except there was a falling out between my aunts. Both aunts weren't there, thank god, but that meant hearing every detail, psychoanalyzing every detail, and then deciding what to do or not do about every detail. Not so interesting for me, particularly because one aunt can't be convinced that the other wouldn't hate her if not for the fact they're related. Oh well. So it goes.

Sob, I can't even believe that my week break is almost over where did the time even go? THIS IS NOT FAIR.
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Friday, November 5th, 2010 08:58 pm

See, I make jokes at my own expense all the time, but when I say that I am late for every single bandwagon that comes along that is in no way a joke I really am late for everything

What are we all into now? Left 4 Dead? Maybe that'll happen! Maybe!

Speaking of things I am late for...NaNo has not gone at all well. I'm only about 550 words into it and I haven't even looked at the site because what is it going to do? Yell at me? Man, I've got other shit to do. I think I'll get all my homework done tonight so I can have the day and a half of my weekend not taken up by work to just be creative.

I'm not even looking at the site until I get it done. I hate it when websites tell me I'm a failure when screw you website YOU DON'T KNOW ME

Woah LJs source code just popped up. Why? Do I have a button for that? Which one is it?

Er...Also I had a math test. I'm not sure how I did because I always think I failed tests. I'm going to take my mind off it by doing my poetry homework. Yeah man, poetry. Sweet.
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Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 02:50 pm
OK I have changed from being drained from Creative Writing to being afraid I'll get shived at Creative Writing. Somebody is going to carve a dagger from a pen head and stab someone. It's building up to a fight, and one of these days...

I realized that I need to revise my story soon, but I'm a little afraid to look at what was written. Ridiculous, but true.

Sometimes I think toy commercials can't get any more annoying and then Tangled toys come out and sing about how you braid and braid and braid Rapunzle's hair and suddenly I'm driven into an acute rage and suddenly understand how wrong I can be.

I DON'T KNOW I'm kind of living for tomorrow when I might could get to hang out with RL friends and if not at least I'll have a whole day mostly to myself and can DO things like laundry or cleaning up my room or just playing a game I haven't gotten that far in. And any one of those things would be heaven.

Closing note: The only type of Tom and Jerry cartoon I ever like is when they introduce a character like the Neurotic Circus Lion or that one with the elephant.
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Monday, September 27th, 2010 10:26 pm
I have had a lot of brutal classes, but my Creative Writing class is like a trial by fire. A forced march of the imagination. Corsned, where the critique is the bread and water and only those who are pure can swallow it lest they find their creative spirit convulsing and choking.

I learned to give critique in my junior year of high school, where you let people know BOTH what works and what doesn't. To get critique in this class is to believe that NOTHING in your artwork is effective, that you've done nothing right and if you have you certainly don't get to hear about it. I have to assume that nobody in this class ever learned how to critique. Even LJRP doesn't always get this harsh.

Not that I haven't gotten good suggestions or don't enjoy talking about writing with this group. It's just…there are times when I dread the class because I know I'm going to be emotionally drained when it's over. Even though my story already got critiqued.

I don’t even know what the point of this was, except that I wanted to rant and say that I'm surprised more people haven't dropped. We're down by only about 3, who I think might have thought the class would be an easy A and got scared.

Uhh...I guess so this has a little more content: This was my favorite urban legend in junior high. I'd completely forgotten about it and only remembered it after I read it on TV Tropes. I was going to do a whole story about two kids getting mixed up with the government after playing it, and I still have one of those characters as an OC. I should bring him out one of these days.
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Monday, September 20th, 2010 11:19 pm
I'd make a future/anticipatory Pokemon team, but because my first time with any new Pokemon involves me going "Pokemon Pokemon where are all the Pokemon I want ALL the Pokemon yes even your crappy legendaries give them here what's that behind your back is that a Pokemon c'mon hand it over" I figure my team will take care of itself.

I am not excited enough to download the ROM, plus I don't much like playing console games on the computer, PLUS I don't need another Thing To Do...but I am dumb and giddy enough to start assigning personalities to Pokemon OCs, which is fun and gives me something to daydream about at work when I've got nothing else to think about.

So, I ran into one of my Creative Writing classmates while getting new pencils and a frappachino and we compared notes about stories and then just talked about video games for an hour. That was fun. I was actually surprised at how much we hit it off, and because my IRL social circle has dwindled to one, I was really glad to have a human connection that didn't involve work/my currently-one-other friend.

It occurs to me that I've been spending a whole heck of a lot of money lately, and while I kind of want to save more then I have been, I also know that I'll never again be in the position where I a) have money to spend and b) don't actually HAVE to spend it on anything. And also, my sister has moved out and now adopted a dog that she can't afford and IDEK I guess I just want to quit being the responsible one for a change.

Sigh...also considering finally dropping out of big and/or public roleplaying games, at least for a while. IDK, it just hasn't been all that much fun and it hasn't been that much fun for months, bordering on a year...or, er, however long it's been. I'd love to do some private stuff with friends, mind, but public games no longer really work with my schedule or drive.

Of course, I'm only about done with 25% of my flip-flopping on this, and I still have another 200 years of waffling to go before I make any decisions.
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Monday, September 13th, 2010 10:40 am
Definitive proof that I am dull )

Nothing much else to say. Started playing Jet Grind Radio last night and I alllllmost don't completely suck at it. Am seriously embarrassed about a schedule mix-up at school. Thinking of doing a Nuzlocke run in Pearl (because I don't have enough to do apparently) and mostly just been living.
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Sunday, September 5th, 2010 04:36 pm
Hahaha, it's amazing how I want to use my personal journal so much more now that I have all these nifty icons and can track posts and tags and all the other stuff I liked on the old sponsored.

I can never go back.

I've also got 20 more icon spaces to go. It's a bit like choosing candy.

Man, I'm trying to get my story for creative writing at least half-way done today (Shut up I've had six days over two weeks to do this and a million other things to do at the same time). It's not that I'm not having fun with it, but it IS work. And considering how far I go out of my way to avoid doing anything resembling hard work, I've been having a hell of a time with distraction.

Maybe I'll put on an MST3K movie that I've seen a million times so I have something to ignore while I work. But I'm curious: What do you guys do to avoid distraction? I don't actually have too many strategies to get around it.

Aside: NO casinos, my summer is over. I can't go play with you now. So stop sending me your stupid promotions. I can BUY one of your sweatshirts for about 1/25 of the cash it would take to earn as many points as I need. I may like gambling, but I'm not an IDIOT.
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Friday, September 3rd, 2010 07:13 pm
So, I went ahead and bought myself a paid account, because I'm the the position where I can afford it and not worry all that much about it. I also bought a big fuck-off userpic package, again, indulging myself. I've still got 58 spaces to fill. REC ME SOME ICON COMS MY SISBROS.

I've still got my story to write but I am not in the groove. Tomorrow probably will be the Grand Writing Day where I write my fifteen pages and tag with any kind of speed and maybe even get critiques done. I won't be wanting to go anywhere after work anyway.

Oh, man, my head is spinning. I was gonna continue that 30 day meme after getting away from it from so long but maybe later.
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Friday, August 27th, 2010 01:34 pm
first impressions

Worried about my cat. He came in this morning with a wound on his tail so deep I could see the bone. I couldn't bandage him up with what I had, and I was trying to keep him inside but he snuck out when I let the dog in.

Now I have to fret about that stupid cat. And that's all I've been doing all day. I need something do keep my mind off it because there isn't that much I can do. I slept through my math class, so it was already a bad day too.

My classes are going to wipe me out. Completely. I have maybe three hours of free/homework/sit-down time on Mondays and Wednesdays between classes and work. Not impossible, but going to be painful. The fact that it's math and chem isn't going to help any.

Man, I should roleplay or do homework or something. It'd help me not worry about my cat.
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Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 01:15 pm
-Don't sit on my hand cat. I want my car keys up your fuzzy butt about as much as you do.

-This would be the perfect soup if it didn't have mushrooms in it.

-I'm going in to pick out my classes for next semester today. The lady on the phone said they didn't have any appointments available, but I could walk in any time and do it that way.

Yeah. "We're so busy we simply can't make any appointments to meet with people, so just come on in at any old random time and we'll be sure to drop everything and meet with you!" OK then.

-I think I'm addicted to iTunes. On the one hand, 10 dollars digital for a 32 dollar CD? F-yeah. On the other, HOLY CRAP LOOK AT ALL THIS MUSIC OH I LIKE THIS SONG HERE LET ME CHECK OUT ALL THEIR OTHER STUFF OK YEAH I'LL BUY IT ALL. On another hand, I am rediscovering a love of music that had been lying dormant in me for years. On yet another hand...No, I'm just keeping it to three hands. That way I can pretend to be Zaphod Beeblebrox.

-I have a Plurk, oh horror of horrors. It's Caligraphunky, same as my Twitter. I feel a deep and acute sense of shame looking at it, and I don't particularly like the way it's set up besides, but perhaps that will be bred out of me as I use it.

-Geeze, but there are a lot of mushrooms in this soup.

-Oh hey did Mayfield just get a Sam Vimes? Holy crap I think it did. That's...awesome.

-My foot is asleep. I guess that means it's time to wrap this up!

-This was kind of pointless, now that I think on it.

-Oh well.
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Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 10:47 am

The HMD template post doesn't show up tiny on my layout anymore and it bugs me.

So, yesterday was my sister's high school graduation! It was a great ceremony and I got to see what graduation looks like when you go to a much better school then I did. It really was a beautiful event and I'm glad I got to go to it.

And I'm about to go up gambling for the second time in a week! I-I swear I don't have a problem. Really. I don't. It's my Grandma that has the problem. I'm just along for the ride...and she gives me money, which is nice.

A few days ago I saw my car clock read 1:01 and FOR SOME REASON I saw some sort of Yume Nikki style horror creature in it and had a start. So that must mean I like the game, if it can get into my head like that.

Hahaha, there's a Yume Nikki remix project, and all those songs they are using are a few seconds long, and still it's so much better then the Klonoa Remix Project. Of course you can't do much worse then DANCE MUSIC DANCE MUSIC OONCHA OONCHA OONCHA MOTHERFUCKING DANCE MUSIC oh here's a song that you can actually pick out the melody of now back to PAINFUL ONSLAUGHT OF DANCE
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Thursday, May 13th, 2010 09:10 pm
Putting this layout on trial. I like how it looks, but I'm not sure how functional it is quite yet.

So, I pretty much spent all of today playing video games and watching TV. I watched Soultaker from my new MST3K box set (yay!), finally broke down and watched Hetalia (eeeehhh…), rented Marble Madness (awwww!), played some more WarioWare DIY (hmmm), tried out The Path (bleh), got to the final boss in Beyond Good and Evil (auuuuuugh), and plan to play some Pokemon before bed (finally).

I haven't looked at my grades because I want to ride high for at least the rest of the week. I'm…pretty sure I did poorly in Biology, but I'm not sure if it was "failing" poorly. And I have actually NO idea how my Tech Writing went. At least I got an A in Western Civ.

Next week is my sister's graduation from high school. The ceremony is at nine at night, apparently in a bid to find the most insane time to hold a graduation ceremony. I'm not sure if she's planning a party or not but I do know that she's taking some friends up to Estes park for a two-day camping trip. So that should be fun for her, and make the house quiet for me.

I'm going to spend some effort at work on Saturday looking for something new to read in the fiction area. Anybody read anything good lately?
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Monday, May 10th, 2010 01:25 pm
Well, all my finals are done with. I won't have school until next fall. Aside from my job, I will have nothing but free time for the next few months.

...I am lost. I have nothing to fret about and procrastinate on. No pointless assignments to gripe about or terrible classes to roll my eyes at. SOMEBODY GIVE ME A DEADLINE TO IGNORE.

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Sunday, May 9th, 2010 06:35 pm
Oooogh, I haven't felt this dizzy in a long time. Dinner was great, but I can barely string a sentence together. It wasn't even that I ate that much; it was just all salt, fat, fatty salt, and salty fat. And potatoes. Now I want to pass out and not wake up.

I haven't really been looking at the internet much except for what I need to do homework, so realize that I missed the end of the event at Mayfield and probably a few things at Zenithia. I'm not so worried about Zenithia, but Mayfield makes me think back on what I really love about SBG: The totally chill attitude about that sort of stuff. I could do this and go "hey bras sorry life got away from me" and everyone would go "yeah that's cool no problem"

I don't feel I have that luxury in Mayfield. It's not bad, it's just...a different RPing culture.

Nothing to be done, is the opinion I'm beginning to come around to. I just will go "sorry I didn't expect to disappear on you guys" and that will be that because that is all I can do.

At least school's almost over.

ALSO. QUESTION. I have been feeling an itch to write, and was thinking about turning [ profile] totallysure into all writing all the time, because, let's face it, I am not an artist.

But I am wondering if that would be interesting to anyone else. Writing is different then the visual stuff, and if I am posting it online in public for all to see, I would very much like it to be interesting to other people. Perhaps this question is also some insecurity coming through too, but oh well, that is the way it goes with creativity.

Still, I would like to know.

And anyway, back to studing. One more final, and then I am done for the summer. That's keeping me sane right now like you don't even know.
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Thursday, May 6th, 2010 05:18 pm
I love making characters. I really do. I've just been sitting here filling out big long character sheets for one I made up last night while I was bored at work.

EXCEPT I should be studying, or tagging, or working on my take-home final. I don't think it'll take me more then a few hours, but still...I could be done with that class if I did it right now.

...Seriously, this is long. I'm only doing like half of it and it's about five pages even then. And I was compiling all my OCs into one big list that got lost when my Lappy crashed, and I want to rewrite that one again.

Why do I only get creative when there is something else I must be doing? Why why why?

...Also, I have totally and completely fallen in love with Kaizers Orchestra in a big way. They are pretty awesome you guys.
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Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 12:28 pm
Corn chowder with shrimp. This lunch. It is the best lunch.

...Finals. I have a final. I am not worried about this, particular, final. Teacher essentially gave us all the answers and said we could bring them in and use them.

There is nothing worrying about this final.

I'm just fretting about all of my other finals. Which will suck a lot. My Tech Writing teacher gave us only three sentences about what we should do, and I have no idea when my Bio final is.

Man, I had something else to write about but I have totally forgot what it was...Crap.
Friday, April 30th, 2010 11:25 am
So we did a lab involving live E. Coli today and my mind is doing this paranoid shreiking thing all "I BET YOU GOT SOME IN YOUR EYE OR NOSE OR SOMETHING AND YOU WILL GET SICK AND DIE POOR YOU"

But I am ignoring it. Shut up, brain.

So, I got Nanny Ogg in Mayfield, which puts me at three characters there, and two at Zenithia. I can't find a script for Cave Story, so I will have to find a Lets Play with Curly's lines in it. And now apperently, I am also sending a guy in at Sky Tides.

But I can quit apping any time I like.

So I need to study.

But I don't want to.

...Well. That's that then!